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Having your business talked about online doesn’t only help with marketing, it can be integral to the decision making process of potential clients.

Asia Lifestyle Magazine is one of Asia’s fastest growing online Lifestyle authorities.

Founded by one of Asia’s top real estate companies. This digital publication was originally a marketing platform, using email marketing to target discerning real estate buyers interested in Asia. 

The online magazine has since expanded from exclusively using email lists to including social media campaigns as well. Videos and articles organically reach 1,000+ to 50,000+ hits depending on the topic and content. 

Articles aim to show the inspiration of a business or project, the selling points, insights about the people who made it or are now running it, foresights, predictions or goals for the future, without reading like an advert. Simply put, interesting content.

Have Your Article Published

Get a permanent post on Asia Lifestyle Magazine, furthermore, your article will be shared across our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Including the legal rights to use the citation “Featured in Asia Lifestyle Magazine” on your future marketing material. 

Accepted topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Business, Travel, Yachting, Food, Interesting People, Real Estate and Technology.

This is not a writing service. If you require a content writer, check out this article to provide you with professionally written content. 

For those of you who can create professional content themselves, send over a minimum of 500 words for consideration. 

Just an FYI, all submissions undergo editorial checks. Asia Lifestyle’s news desk editors will correct grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes, sentence structure problems, misused words, typos, and more. 

What’s needed to proceed.

  • Well, firstly some 100% original content. Self written article or video. If you don’t have professional content, click here to check out our content writers
  • At least one professional royalty free image/photo with full credits is required for the article’s header.
  • Supported embeds: YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and Spotify.
  • Only approved articles will be published by Asia Lifestyle Magazine at their discretion. Obtain approval via chat to proceed

Should you have any questions about this paid service, don’t hesitate to ask in the chat.

If you want us to do a video and article for you, contact us for a tailor made package. 

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