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Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). Firstly what is it? It’s a relatively young form of art. In layman’s terms, it is computer software that generates still or animated visual content. You’ll see this daily in three-dimensional computer graphics and special effects in films, television, advertising, engineering, virtual reality and architecture.

CGI is a collection of various algorithms that produce fractal patterns. The CGI team at Easy Business Asia uses three-dimensional graphics software to create everything from primitive shapes to complex illustrations. It can also simulate how light reacts to an object.

Thought leaders and influencers in the industry are beginning to see an interest in CGI architectural imagery to increase property sales. Historically creating this imagery has been cost-prohibitive. Easy Business Asia has an entire division of experts that can de-clutter a two-dimension photograph or a three-dimensional full-scale development video.

Outsourcing CGI experts are already outsourcing to the Easy Business Asia team.


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